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Designed Pleasure




“The goal of self-massage for trigger points is to achieve a release.”


“The pain may be more of a sensory phantom than something wrong with the tissue. It may be

relatively easy to change with massage because there’s not much to “fix” — just a sensation to



Trigger point therapy


Pressure release

Free sensation


I choose to focus of the objects that help ease the physical pain as a replacement of the human touch. This category is specifically massage objects. These objects have thus been designed for one sole purpose, easing body tension. There is a huge variety of massage tools that function as a ‘self-help’ tool. Some give sexual release, others ease tension in the neck, feet, back and so on. These objects don’t solve the problem, but just

ease it. Ironically we have all the objects we need to assist us so that we won’t strain ourselves, and yet we still suffer

from pain. We don’t have time to look at the cause or do something about it, so most of us go for the ‘quick fix’.

General Inspiration

- paul mccarthy

viviane sassen

Create tatoos????


balls stacked on top on each other supported by walls

in between a few body parts are sticking out

A body is coverd in balls on her body balancing on the orange round thing.

david luraschi

Fischli and Weiss